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Free Tax Course

This free tax course is based on the IRS Publication 17 and other relevant IRS publications. Each chapter of this free tax course supplements and compliments specific IRS publications for the most current tax year possible. When studying this free tax course, the text and the IRS publication extracts must be read together for a full understanding of this free tax course.

At the end of each chapter of this free tax course, there will be tests, problems, and examples which will refer to both publication extracts and text material. In the IRS publications and also our free tax course, 'you' refers to the taxpayer.

The first half of this free tax course covers tax preparation basics such as:

  • whether an individual has to file a return
  • who qualifies as a dependent
  • most common types of income, tax deductions, tax credits

The second half of this free tax course covers more complicated areas of tax such as:

  • rental and self employment income
  • employee expense deductions
  • related topics such as depreciation and basis of property

In this free tax course, the main tax return form, the 1040 form or the US Individual Income Tax Return, is followed as much as possible because it provides a logical order in which to learn and understand concepts and terms.

When taking the free tax course, keep in mind that there are exceptions to almost every tax rule. Most of the course materials will concentrate on typical situations in general. Exceptions will be discussed as free extra classes on top of the free tax course. Examples shown in this free tax course show how the tax law is applied.



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