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1040 Tax Forms

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1040 tax forms are provided by the IRS. With each 1040 tax form, there is a 1040 Instruction booklet as well as IRS publications to explain each line item on the 1040 tax form. There are new, fresh 1040 tax forms provided by the IRS for taxpayers each year.

1040 Tax Forms

The 1040 tax form (The main tax return form)

The 1040A tax form (An abridge version of the 1040 tax form)

The 1040EZ tax form (A simplified, short version of the 1040 tax form)

The 1040X tax form (Amended Tax Return)

The 1040 Instruction Booklet

The 1040X Instruction Booket (for Amended Tax Return)

The 1040-V tax form (Payment Voucher)

Tax Tables and Tax Rate Schedules

Tax Table  included in the Instruction booklet for 1040 form. The Tax Rate Schedules are included on the last page of the Tax Table document.


Itemized Deductions: Schedule A

Interest and Ordinary Dividends: Schedule B (Schedule A on the front and Schedule B on the back)

Capital Gains and Losses: Schedule D

Self Employment: Schedule C, Schedule C-EZ

Tip Income Daily Record Sheet: Form 4070A (in IRS Publication 1244)

Unreported Social Security and Medicare Taxes (tip income): Form 4137

Self Employment Tax: Schedule SE



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