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Benefits of IRS e-file

Below is a table of the benefits of the IRS e-file.

IRS e-filers may be eligible for Free File
  • Free file allows qualified taxpayers to prepare and e-file their own tax returns for free using commercially available online tax preparation software.


  • Review online tax software provider offering and determine if you are eligible by vising the Free File page at the IRS website.
IRS e-file is fast, easy and convenient
  • Get your refund in half the time as paper filers do, even faster and safer with direct deposit.


  • Sign electronically and file a completely paperless return.


  • Receive an electronic proof of receipt within 48 hours that the IRS received our return.


  • If you owe, you can e-file and authorize an electronic funds withdrawal or pay by credit card. If you e-file before April 17, 2007, you can schedule an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings account as late as April 15 or the tax due date.


  • Prepare and file your federal and state returns together and save time.
IRS e-file is accurate and secure
  • IRS computers quickly and automatically check for errors or other missing information.


  • The chance of being audited does not differ whether you e-file or file a paper return.


  • Your bank account information is safeguarded along with other tax return information. The IRS does not have access to credit card numbers.



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