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Deductible Moving Expenses

When can I deduct moving expenses?

If your move meets the relationship test, distance test and time requirements, you can deduct the reasonable expenses of moving your personal effects and household goods and of traveling (not including meals) to your new home.

What is a reasonable moving expense?

A reasonable expense is an expense that is directly related to your move. For example, only the travel costs for the shortest, most direct route from your old home to your new home are considered reasonable. If you make side trips for sightseeing, the additional expense for the side trips are not deductible as moving expenses.


What moving costs are tax deductible?

Costs related to moving your household goods and personal effects include:

  • packing, crating and shipping your household goods and personal effects (and those of the members of your household) to your new home


  • Storing and insuring your household goods within a period of 30 consecutive days after the day your things are moved from your former home and before they are delivered to your new home.


  • Connecting and disconnecting utilities
  • Shipping your car and household pets to your new home

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