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Different Tax Filing Statuses

There are five different tax filing statuses according to the IRS. A taxpayer can only have one tax filing status even if he or she qualifies for more than one tax filing status. However, some tax filing statuses are more beneficial than others and filing tax returns using the correct tax filing status may help you get more tax refunds.

What are the different tax filing statuses?

Different Tax Filing Statuses

Each different tax filing status has its own tax rate. Married filing jointly and qualifying widow(er) with depending child (or just Qualifying Widow(er))  have the same tax rate and that tax rate is usually the lowest tax rate. Married filing separately usually has the highest tax rate.

Which form to put the tax filing status on?

The main tax form, the form 1040 and other 1040 tax forms, has an area at the top for the taxpayer to check the box appropriate for his or her tax filing status.



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