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Electronic Income Tax Filing

In the past, people had to file their income tax returns on paper. Nowadays with the introduction of IRS' electronic income tax filing system, electronic filing (e-filing) is easier than filing on paper. Instead of mailing the IRS your income tax return, you can go to an online site, prepare your tax return and send directly to the IRS using your computer. You can also use tax preparation software such as TurboTax or TaxCut to prepare your own tax return very easily and then send to the IRS electronically.

Electronic Income Tax Filing

What do I need to know about electronic income tax filing?

In order to file your income tax return electronically, however you prepare your tax return such as:

  • using tax preparation software
  • going to a tax preparer, CPA or other tax professional for help

you will need to be able to sign your tax return electronically.

What is a PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

The IRS won't accept a tax return that does not have an signature on. When e-filing, the taxpayer can choose to have an electronic signature or paper signature. To sign your tax return with an electronic signature, you need to obtain your own Personal Identification Number or PIN. The PIN allows the taxpayer to create and completely paperless tax return.

I don't have a PIN, can I file my income tax return electronically?

The IRS will still accept a tax return that is filed electronically even without a PIN number. However, the taxpayer needs to mail to the IRS the signed tax form 8453 (US Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return) as soon as his or her income tax return is e-filed. Once your tax return is e-filed, you will have a short amount of time to mail in your tax form 8453 or your tax return will be rejected as if not signed.



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