Free Tax Course

Chapter 19: Extensions, Amended Returns, Electronic Filing, State Returns

This is the last chapter of the free tax course. This chapter deals with:

  • tax filing extensions


  • amended returns


  • electronic filing and


  • state returns

Along with the above topics, you will learn about Form 8888, how to file an extension requirest, how to file an amended tax return, electronic filing and how to file electronically as well as filing state tax returns.

Tax Return Extensions

Tax Extensions Outside the US

Late Tax Penalties

Amended Federal Tax Returns

Help With form 1040X

Where to File Form 1040X?

When to File 1040X?

Exceptions for Special Types of Refunds

Interest on Refund

Form 1040X

IRS Electronic Filing

Benefits of IRS e-file

Tax Refunds

Offset Against Debts

Form 8453

Tax Form 8453 Help

Making Changes to Form 8453

Selecting PIN

Form 8879

Form 8888

Tax Return Rejected

Fraud Awareness

State Tax Returns

Residency & State Returns

Military Personnel & State Returns

Format of state return



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