Free Tax Course

Free Tax Course

Below are different chapters of the free tax course. More free tax courses will be added to go into each tax topic in more detail.

Chapter 1: Tax Filing Information

Chapter 2: Tax Filing Status

Chapter 3: Exemptions and Dependents

Chapter 4: Wages, Salaries, Tips, etc.

Chapter 5: Interest, Dividends and other Income

Chapter 6: Standard Deductions and Itemized Deductions (+ Charitable Contributions)

Chapter 7: Your Income Tax & Withheld Taxes

Chapter 8: Tax Credits (

Chapter 9: Retirement Benefits (Employer Retirement Plans and IRA)

Chapter 10: Social Security Benefits and other Credits

Chapter 11: Basis of Property and Capital Gains (

Chapter 12: Depreciation

Chapter 13: Other Itemized Deductions (

Chatper 14: Profit or Loss from Business

Chapter 15: Rental Real Estate, Royalties, Partnerships, etc

Chapter 16: Adjustments

Chapter 17: Other Taxes

Chapter 18: Additional Payments, Penalties, etc.

Chapter 19: Extensions, Amended Returns, Electronic Filing, State Returns



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