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Help With form 1040X

On the form 1040X, write:

  • your income, deductions, and credits as you originally reported them on your tax return (Column A),
  • the changes you are making (Column B), and
  •  the corrected amounts (Column C).

Then figure the tax on the corrected amount of taxable income and the amount you owe or your refund.

When to pay taxes with amended tax return form 1040X?

If you owe tax, pay the full amount due with your Form 1040X. The tax owed will not be subtracted from any amount you had credited to your estimated tax.

What if I cannot pay my taxes when filing the 1040X form?

If you cannot pay the full amount due with your tax return, you can ask to make monthly installment payments. See Installment Agreements in Chapter 18 of the Free Tax Course.

What if I overpaid taxes in the past?

If you overpaid tax, you can have all or part of the overpayment refunded to you, or you can apply all or part of it to your estimated tax. If you choose to get a tax refund, it will be sent separately from any refund shown on your original tax return.

How to file tax form 1040X?

Be sure to check Form 1040X to ensure it is completely filled out. Show the year of your original return and in Part II explain all changes you have made. Be sure to attach any forms or schedules needed to explain your changes. Your Form 1040X must have the appropriate forms and schedules attached or it will be returned. Mail your Form 1040X to the IRS service center where you live.



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