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Interest on Refund

Will the IRS pay interest on my tax refund?

If you receive a tax refund of your amended return, interest will be paid on it from the due date of your original tax return or the date you filed your original return, whichever is later, to the date you filed the amended return.

How much interest on tax refund will I receive?

However, if the tax refund is not made within 45 days after you file the amended return, interest will be paid up to the date the refund is paid.


Will my interest on refund be reduced?

Your tax refund may be reduced by an additional tax liability that has been assessed against you. Also, your tax refund may be reduced by any amounts you owe for:

  • past due child support,
  • debts to another federal agency, or for
  • state tax.


Remember if your tax return is changed for any reason, it may affect your state income tax liability and require the filing of an amended state return.



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