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Offset Against Debts

As with a paper return, you may not get all of your refund if you owe certain past due amounts, such as federal tax, state tax, a student loan, or child support.

Balance Due

If you have a balance due with your tax return, you must pay it by the due date of your return to avoid late payment penalties and interest. You can make your payment electronically, by credit card, or a direct debit to your checking or savings account.

Tax Professional

You can electronically file your tax return by using a tax professional or using your personal computer. Many tax professionals file returns electronically for their clients. You can:


  • prepare your own return and have a tax professional electronically file it for you or
  • have the tax professional prepare and electronically file your return.


The tax professional who electronically transmits returns to the IRS is authorized by the IRS to do so as an electronic return originator (ERO).



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