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Chapter 17: Other Taxes

This chapter of the free tax course deals with other taxes not yet covered. After you have finished calculating your tax from taxable income and have subtracted your total credits from the first section of page 2 of form 1040, you next have to add in various other taxes to arrive at your total tax.

The other taxes  that need to be considered are:

  • Self employment tax (line 58)
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (line 45)
  • Social Security and Medicare tax on tip income not reported to your employer (line 59)
  • Tax on qualified plans including IRAs and other tax favored accounts (line 60)
  • Advanced earned income credit payments from Form W-2 (line 61), and
  • Household employment taxes (line 62)
Resources for other taxes

Self Employment Tax

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

Tax Instructions for Form 6251

Social Security and Medicare Tax on Tip Income (not reported to employer)

Advanced Earned Income Credit Payments from W-2

Household Employment Taxes

Other Additional Taxes



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