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Other Tax Deductible Medical Expenses

There are other medical expenses that are tax deductible. See the tax deductible medical expenses chart here. Below are other common medical expenses that many taxpayers question about their tax deductibility.

Insurance Premiums

What insurance premiums are tax deductible?

You can include in medical expenses insurance premiums you pay for policies that cover medical care. Policies can provide payment for medical and dental expenses, prescription drugs, eyeglasses. and replacement of contact lenses.

Are Medicare B and Medicare D payments tax deductible?

Medicare B premiums shown on the SSA-1099 form or form RRB-1099 are deductible as are payments to the voluntary prescription drug insurance program (Medicare D).

What long term care insurance is tax deductible?

If you have long term care insurance, the part of the premium that can be deducted on Schedule A depends on the age of the insured.


Weight loss programs

What weight loss programs are tax deductible?

Amounts (not reimbursed by insurance or otherwise) that you pay for participation in a weight loss program as treatment for a specific disease or diseases (including obesity) diagnosed by a physician are deductible medical expenses.

The cost of purchasing diet food items is not tax deductible. The IRS views diet foods even when used as part of a weight loss program as substitutes for the food you normally consume to satisfy your nutritional requirements. As such, they are not deductible medical expenses even for taxpayers whose disease qualifies them to deduct weight loss programs

Weight loss programs to improve your general health or appearance do not qualify and are regarded as nondeductible personal expenses.



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