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Tax Extensions Outside the US

What are the IRS rules for filing for tax extensions for people living outside of the US?

You are allowed an automatic 2 month tax return extension (until June 15) without filing the Form 4868 to file your tax return and pay any federal income tax due if:

  1. You are a US citizen or resident, and
  2. On the regular due date of your tax return:
    1. You are living outside of the US and Puerto Rico, and your main place of business or pose of duty is outside the US or Puerto Rico, or


    2. You are in military or naval service on duty outside the US and Puerto Rico

If using the above "automatic 2-month extension", an additional 4-month extension can be requested by filing the form 4868 by June 15. Check the box on line 8.

Tax Extensions Outside the US

Tax extensions for combat zone

The deadline for filing an income tax return, paying any tax owed, and filing a claim for tax refund is automatically extended if serving in a combat zone. See IRS Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax, for details.

Timeline for extensions of tax return filing

Below is a table showing the timelines for regular tax returns and extensions for US citizens and residents who file returns on a calendar year.

For most taxpayers
For certain taxpayers outside the US
No extension requested April 15 June 15
Automatic extension (Form 4868 filed or credit card payment made) October 15 October 15

Occasionally, the IRS will issue a one time public notice granting an additional filing extension to taxpayers affected by a specific situation for a limited period of time, such as areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, etc.



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