Free Tax Course

Chapter 1: Tax Filing Information

Chapter 1 of our free tax course outlines tax filing information. Tax filing information gives the overview of the Form 1040 or the US Individual Income Tax Return as well as filing requirements for taxpayers.

Filing a tax return (1040 tax forms) - Why file tax return?

Understanding 1040 Tax Form - What does each section of the tax form 1040 mean?

Filing Requirements

When else to file Tax Return?

Which Tax Form to Use?

Electronic Income Tax Filing (e-file)

Social Security Number and Tax Return

Accounting Method

Tax Filing Tips

Where to File Tax Return?


Use the above information in conjuction with the IRS Publication 17 from the first page to page 22 (Tax Filing Status). You can also refer to IRS Publication 929 for Tax Rules for Children and Dependents.



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