Free Tax Course

Chapter 2: Tax Filing Status

In this chapter of Free Tax Course, you will learn about tax filing status. There are five tax filing status allowed on a tax return. They are:

Tax filing status 1: Single

Tax filing status 2: Married filing joint

Tax filing status 3: Married filing separate

Tax filing status 4: Head of Household

Tax filing status 5: Qualifying Widow(er) with dependent Child

Using the correct tax filing status is very important in filing tax return because the tax filing status is used to determine a taxpayer's tax credits, tax deductions, tax rate, and much more.

What is Tax Filing Status?

Single Filing Status

Married Filing Jointly Filing Status

Married Filing Separately Filing Status

Head of Household Filing Status

Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child

Tax Filing Status Help


See the IRS Publication 17 under the Filing Status section when studying this section of Free Tax Course.



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