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Tax Refunds

How to get my tax refund?

You can have a tax refund check mailed to you, or you can have your refund deposited directly to your checking or savings account.

When will I receive my tax refund?

With electronic filing, your tax refund will be issued in half the time as when filing on paper (even faster if you choose direct deposit). Most tax refunds are issued within 3 weeks. In many cases, you can receive your tax refund in about 14 days, particularly if you choose direct deposit.

Refund Application Loan or RAL

You may also receive a loan on your tax refund from a lending institution. This loan on your tax refund is referred to as a Refund Application Loan or RAL.


What is a RAL?

A RAL is money you borrow that is based on your anticipated income tax refund. The IRS has no involvement in RALs.

RALs are contracts between you and the lender. The RAL is an interest bearing loan which may be able to deliver money to you in one or tow days. The contract that you must sign obligates you to use your tax refund to repay the loan. Usually the RAL application requires proof of identity and a witness.



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