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W-4 Tax Form

What is the IRS Tax Form W-4?

The form W-4 includes three types of information your employer will use to figure out your tax withholding.

  • whether to withhold at the single or the lower married rate (the higher the rate the more tax withholding)


  • how many withholding allowances you claim (each allowance reduces the amount withheld)


  • whether you want an additional amount withheld (so you are paying more of your tax liability during the year)


 W-4 Tax Form

W-4 Tax Form Worksheets

Tax Form W-4 has worksheets to help you figure how many allowances you can claim. If you correctly complete the worksheets and update your Form W-4 when changes in your circumstances occur, the tax that is withheld from your pay should be close to the amount you figure on your tax return.

If you do not provide accurate information and too little tax is withheld, you will have to make tax payment with your tax return. If too much tax is withheld, then you will receive a tax refund from the IRS soon after you file your tax return.

How to fill out the W-4 Tax Form?

If you have more than one job, you are married and both spouses work or you have unearned income, you may have to request that additional amounts be withheld. Federal income tax taken out of your wages is shown in box 2 of the Form W-2. Only the amount in box 2 is entered on line 64 of Form 1040. Do not enter the social security tax withheld (box 4) or the Medicare tax withheld (box 6).

If you work for more than one employer during the year, add the amounts in box 2 from all your W-2 forms and enter the total on line 64 of Form 1040. If you are married filing jointly, add the box 2 amounts from all the W-2 forms for each spouse and enter the total on line 64 of Form 1040.



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